Take Me Everywhere Sweater


The Take Me Everywhere  Sweater has a minimalistic slim design, perfect for casual outfits. It’s knitted with double strand. 

This sweater is knitted top-down in stockinette stitch. First, the neckline and shoulders are shaped while knitting flat. Then the work is joined together to complete the shaping of the neckline.  The yoke is continued in the round before it is divided into body and sleeves. Both sleeves and body are knitted in the round. The sweater is completed with neck ribbing using a seamless technique.

Available sizes:   S ( M ) L 

The sizes S ( M ) L are designed to fit approx. bust circumference of  80-88 (88-96) 96-104 cm [ 31-35 (35-38) 38-41 in ]

Before beginning your project, measure yourself to determine which size will fit you the best. For example, if you measure 90 cm [35½ inches] around your bust (or around the widest part on your upper body) you should knit a size M. A size M sweater has a bust circumference of 100 cm [39.5 inches] which in the given example would give you 10 cm [4 inches] of positive ease.

Bust circumference:  94 ( 100 ) 106 cm  [ 37 ( 39.5 ) 41.75 in ] 

Length: measured mid back excluding the folded neckband 57 ( 59 ) 61 cm [  22.5 ( 23.25 ) 24 in ]

gauge 10 cm (4 in) x 10(4 in) cm, 15 s x 23 r in stockinette stitch on 4,5mm (US7) needles

Row 1: knit across

Row 2: purl across

  • yarn
    • two strands hold together:
      • Donegal DK  by Bluefaced, 100g/212m, total yardage needed~ S (M) L 300 (350) 400 g,
        • alternatives :
          • ALPAKKA – SANDNES GARN 110m/50g
          • DOUBLE SUNDAY – SANDNES GARN 106m/50g
          • THE BABY ALPAKA – WAK 50g/112m
      • Suri Silk Cloud by Bluefaced,   50g /300m, total yardage needed ~ S (M) L 100 (125) 150g
        • alternatives: 
          • SILK MOHAIR – SANDNES GARN 280m/50g
          • ECO BABY BRUSHED – GABO WOOL 200m/50g
          • BRUSHED ALPACA SILK – DROPS 140m/25g
  • knitting needles: circular needles: 4,5mm (US7) and 3,5mm (US4), optionally double pointed needles for cuffs  3,5mm (US4), cables:  short  50cm for the sleeves and neckband and long: between   80-120 cm for the body
  • other accessories: tapestry needle, 4 markers, 2 interchangeable cables or pieces or yarn to be used as the holders for sleeves’ stitches

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