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Good Mood Sweater


Sweater is a modern slightly oversized design with a polo neck.  The main stitch used in the pattern is a half-fisherman’s rib stitch. 

This design is knitted top-down seamlessly. It is based on a raglan construction. The neckline is shaped using German short rows. While the rest of the sweater is worked in the round. The yoke is shaped by increasing stitches. Firstly, stitches are increased at the back and at the front of the sweater to shape the yoke.  Then, stitches are added also in the sleeves to create a decorative effect. adding increases also in the sleeves sections to create a decorative effect.  Next,  stitches are divided between the body and the sleeves and each of this section is knitted separately.  The stitches in the body section are evenly decreased to shape the waist.  Sleeves are worked using both increase and decrease techniques to create decorative effects. Lastly, stitches are picked up around the neckline in order to knit the polo neck.

This design is knitted with two strands held together for a melange effect: 1 strand of monochromatic aran weight yarn and 1 strand of hand dyed fingering yarn.

This  sweater is  designed to have approx. 26 cm [11 inches] of positive ease, meaning it is designed to be 26 cm [11 inches] larger in circumference than your bust measurement.

Available sizes:   S ( M ) L 

The sizes S ( M ) L are designed to fit approx. bust circumference of  80-88 (88-96) 96-104 cm [ 31-35 (35-38) 38-41 in ]

Before beginning your project, measure yourself to determine which size will fit you the best. For example, if you measure 90 cm [35½ inches] around your bust (or around the widest part on your upper body) you should knit a size M. A size M sweater has a bust circumference of 122 cm [48 inches] which in the given example would give you  32 cm [12.5 inches] of positive ease.

Bust circumference:  114 ( 122 ) 130x cm  [ 44.75 ( 48) 52.75 in ] 

Length: measured mid-back excluding the neckband 45 ( 46 ) 47 cm [  17.75 ( 18 ) 18.50 in ]

gauge (after blocking) 10 cm (4 in) x 10 cm (4 in), 9 s x 19 r in a half fisherman’s rib stitch on 8mm (US11) needles 

  • row 1: k until the end of the row
  • row 2: *p, k1b, repeat * until the end of the row
  • yarn:
    • two strands held together
    • Snefnug by CaMaRose 50g/110m,  total yardage needed ~  S (M) L  300 (350) 400g,
      • colour 7890 Ferksen
      • colour 7867 Lys Pink
      • colour 7357 Lys Rosa
      • colour 7538 Lys Lilla
      • colour 7389 Due Bla
      • colour 7359 Lysebla
      • colour 8988 Lys Turkis
    • Merino Singles by Garn Stories 100g/366m,  total yardage needed ~  S (M) L  150 (200) 250g
      • colour Vanilla Skies
  • knitting needles: circular needles 8mm (US11), 7mm , 6mm (US10), 5mm (US8)  cables: 50cm x 2, 70cm, 100cm,   double pointed needles 5mm (US8) (optionally for cuffs)
  • other accessories: tapestry needle, 13 markers ( preferably 1 in contrasting colour), elastic thread, 

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