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Effortless Summer Crop Top

effortless knitting for effortless look


Summer vibes ahead! time to add crop tops to your must-have beach look! This simple, yet elegant design is perfect for beginners wishing to create their very first piece of clothing. Knitted with a 100% cotton yarn will make a perfect accessory on hot summer days

Design is knitted in the round to create a bandeau top and in the next steps straps are knitted and sewn in. You can adjust the length of the top to your preference by making extra rounds of the main body, just make sure to allocate more yarn for that.


XS/ S / M ( 34/36/38)

measurements: bust circumference: 78cm (31in); length: 14cm (5,5in)


Super Must Have Yarn & Colors , 048 Antique Pink, total yardage needed: 100g,


circular needles 4,5 mm (US &) with 80 cm cable

other accessories

wool needle; 9 markers


10 cm x 10 cm (4in x 4in), 14 sts x 20 r in stockinette stitch



Bottom Ribbing

Cast on on 104 stitches using tubular cast on technique.

Row 1 || Wrong side: * k1 (knit 1 stitch), sl1pw wyif (slip 1 stitch purlwise with yarn in front) *repeat until last stitch in the row, p1 (purl one stitch).

Join your work using Magic Loop technique and mark the beginning of the round with a marker which is mid-back.  Marker indicates mid back of your crop top and a beginning of the round.

As of now you continue knitting in round.

Knit 4 rounds of ribbing using the following technique:

Ribbing: *k1 (knit one stitch), p1 (purl one stitch), *repeat across the round

Your ribbing should be in total approximately 2,5cm (1in) long.

Main Body

Continue knitting in round using stockinette stitch until your work is in total about 12cm long. If you would like to have longer top just keep on knitting until desired length.

Stockinette stitchknit across the round.

Top Ribbing

Knit 5 rounds of ribbing using the following technique:

Ribbing: *k1p1, *repeat across the round

Your ribbing should be in total approximately 2,5cm (1in) long.

Bind off

Bing off your work using tubular bind off.


Location of the straps

Straps are 7 stitches wide and  should be evenly located around the top therefore use markers to indicate their location in the following way

main marker, 11 stitches, first marker, 7 stitches, second marker ( that’s back of a first strap), 17 stitches, third marker, 7 stitches, fourth marker ( that’s front of your a first strap), 21 stitches, fifth marker, 7 stitches, sixth marker ( that’s front of a second strap), 17 stitches, seventh marker, 7 stitches, eighth marker (  that’s back of a second strap).

główny znacznik, 11 oczek, pierwszy znacznik, 7 oczek, drugi znacznik (to jest tył pierwszego ramiączka), 17 oczek, trzeci znacznik, 7 oczek, czwarty znacznik ( to jest przód pierwszego ramiączka), 21 oczek, piąty znacznik, 7 oczek, szósty znacznik (to jest przód drugiego ramiączka), 17 oczek, siódmy znacznik, 7 oczek, ósmy znacznik ( to jet tył drugiego ramiączka)

First and last stitch of a strap should be knit stitch. Make sure that is the case.  

Knitting straps

Cast on on 7 stitches using tubular cast on.

TIP: instead of casting on your stitches, you can pick up ribbing stitches on the front of your top as straps are marked along the ribbing. This way your strap will be already attached to the top on one end and you will have to sew in just the other end. Check tutorial how to pick up stitches.

Continue knitting in flat in the following way:

Row 1 || Wrong side: p1 (purl 1 stitch), k5 (knit 5 stitches), p1

Row 2 || Right side: s1k wyib ( slip 1 stitch knit wise with yarn in the back), k5, s1k wyib

Row3 || Wrong side: p1, k5, p1

Repeat Row 2 & 3 until the strap is 41cm (16in) long.

Bind off using tubular bind off.

Repeat steps for Strap 2.

Sew in Straps

Your straps are 7 stitches wide and you marked 7 stitches of the ribbing to correspond with them. While sewing in your strap, do it on the 1:1 stitches basis. Sew in yours straps on the wrongs side of the top.

Follow video tutorial to see how to do it.

Finish off

Wave in all the loose ends.

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