Chunky Hat


Absolutely timeless design that will keep you warm and stylish every winter! Folded brim nicely hugs your head.  Perfect for beginners, this hat is knitted in the round using the half fisherman’s rib stitch.  Knitted with premium yarn, mix of alpaca, cotton and merino.

one size:  designed to fit approx. head circumference of  53-57 cm [ 20.75-22.5 inches]

  • length: total 30cm [12 in] , with folded brim 23cm [ 9 in]  (length can be regulated, depending how long you want your folded brim to be )
  • width: 23cm [9 in ] (in the widest part of the brim)

10 cm (4 in) x 10 cm(4 in) 14 s x 19 r in the half fisherman’s stitch on 3.5mm (US4) needles

  • Row 1: k1, p1
  • Row 2: k1, p1b
  • yarn: Snefnug, CaMaRose, 50g/ 110m, total yardage needed: 80g
  • knitting needles: circular needles 3,5mm (US 4) with 50 cm cable
  • other accessories: wool needle, 1 markers, an elastic thread

because you care 

pattern is web-based | no pdfs, no printing, no trees cut down

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