Cardigan no. 1


This design is knitted top-down seamlessly in stockinette stitch, holding 4 strands of yarn for the body and 2 or 4  strands for the cuffs and edge band. 

The body is knitted flat, while the sleeves are knitted partially flat and partially in the round. You will begin by knitting the back until the underarms. Then, separately knit each shoulder at the front, shaping the v-neckline at the same time. The front and the back will then be joined together and the rest of the body will be knitted.  Next, you will pick up stitches along the armholes for working the set-in sleeves using the short rows. The edge band is knitted from picked-up stitches along the front and back of the cardigan.

This cardigan  is  designed to have approx. 20 cm [8 inches] of positive ease, meaning it is designed to be 22 cm [8 inches] larger in circumference than your bust measurement.

Available sizes:   S ( M ) L 

The sizes S ( M ) L are designed to fit approx. bust circumference of  80-88 (88-96) 96-104 cm [ 31-35 (35-38) 38-41 in ]

Before beginning your project, measure yourself to determine which size will fit you the best. For example, if you measure 90 cm [35.5 inches] around your bust (or around the widest part on your upper body) you should knit a size M. A size M sweater has a bust circumference of 112 cm [44 inches] which, in the given example, would give you  22cm [8.75 inches] of positive ease.

Bust circumference:  100 ( 112 ) 124 cm  [ 39.5 ( 44 ) 49 in ] 

Length: measured mid-back excluding the edge band 52 ( 54 ) 56 cm [  23 ( 23.75 ) 24.25 in ]

Arms width: 38 (42) 46 cm [15 (16.5) 18 in]

gauge (after blocking) 10 cm (4 in) x 11 (4 in) cm, 10 s x 17 r in stockinette stitch on 6mm (US10) needles

  • yarn:
    • body: 4 strands held together, mohair & silk 25g/200m – total yardage needed :  S (M) L 250g (275g) 300g
    • edge band and cuffs: 2 strands held together, 100g/366m, 100% merino superwash – total yardage needed: S (M) L 60g (70g) 80g or 4 strands of the mohair & silk 25g/200m, total yardage needed: S (M) L  ~ 40g (50g) 50g
    • my colour combination:
      • body
        •  1 strand of  Midnatssol by Camarose, 55% alpaca+35% tencel+10% merino, colour 9510 Lysebla,  total yardage needed S (M) L  ~  75g (85g) 100g
        • 3 strands of Super Kid Silk by Mayflower , 74% mohair+26% silk, colour 29 Pastel Blue, total yardage needed S (M) L  ~  175g (190g) 200g
      • edge band and cuffs
    • alternatives:
      • body: you may use any mohair + silk yarn 25g/~200m. you may also knit an entire cardigan in the Midnatssol yarn as an alternative to the mohair+ silk mix.  
      • edge band and cuffs: you may use any hand dyed yarn 100g/~366m, check the offer of your local makers.  
  • knitting needles: circular needles 6mm (US10), 3.5mm (US4) cables: 50cm, 70 cm x 2, 100cm,   double pointed needles 3.5mm (US4). 
  • other accessories: wool needle, 2 markers, 3-4 buttons
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