how to choose yarn? jak wybrać włóczkę?

how to choose yarn alternatives for the project? I decided to write this blog post because I very often receive requests to help you choose an alternative yarn for my patterns. And many of you admit that you still struggle to understand what to take into consideration when buying a yarn.  First of all, the […]

Hand Dyed Speckled Yarn | Ręcznie farbowana włóczka na wiele kolorów

hand dyes yarn, ręcznie farbowana włóczka, how to hand dyed yarn, jak farbować włóczkę, acid dyes, barwniki kwasowe

how to hand dye speckled yarn? There are countless gorgeous yarns all over the world that will take your breath away! But nothing can really compare to a hand dyed yarn! By you! At home! Exactly the way you like it ! And in the colours you like! There are  several techniques to dye yarn […]

Before you start knitting | Zanim zaczniesz robić na drutach

before you start knitting, advices for beginner knitters, how to start knitting, jak zacząć robić na drutach, rady dla początkujących robienie na drutach, co powinnam wiedzieć zanim zacznę robić na drutach,

7 things you should know before you start knitting Knitting is a very rewarding and fun activity. But if you do not know how to start knitting, your first experience can be daunting.  That is why, check my top 7 advices that every knitting beginner should hear when asking “how to start knitting?”. 7 rzeczy, […]