Airy Essential Sweater


hand knitted for you upon order in Poland

available sizes

S | M | L


premium natural yarn

57% mohair, 28% silk, 15% wool

available sizes

S | M | L


colour variants available


oversized sweater with rounded neckline, finished off with the ribbings.


to place an order please send a message to

the model is 174cm and wears  size L

S (M) L

  • Bust circumference:  100 ( 108 ) 116 cm
  • Length mid back: 52 ( 54 ) 56 cm.
  • Length sleeves: 43 cm for all sizes
  • ideally just air dry
  • store folded, do not hang 

if washing required:

  • handwash only in 30ºC
  • dry flat

Airy Essential sweater is made of 100% natural yarn that is subject to stretching and shrinking if not handled properly. 

Give it a gentle hand wash in a warm water. Ideally just soak it for a few minutes and press out the water, never wring!  Lay the garment on a clean towel and roll it up. Then let dry flat on a new towel or a mesh rack, never hang-dry. Give your sweater final shape –  you can adjust the fit slightly bigger or smaller, and as the garment dries it will set in place. Do not exaggerate – wool stretches easily

sweater is knitted specially for you upon the order

it takes up to 14 working days to prepare  your order

it is possible to make changes to the design to customise it to your style, such as: colours’ combination, lengths etc.

just get in touch and let me know what is on your mind